Our goals

The final goal of Noeon Research is developing AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). Noeon Research is exploring the fields of hybrid approach. We combine machine learning and classical algorithmic solutions to expand capabilities from Narrow AI to more general artificial intelligence. One of the current main projects is to create a class of systems that can play the role of developer's assistant or reduce engineering cost.

Our approach

We build AGI, human equivalent Artificial Intelligence technologies intended to assist human intelligence. With Noeon Research's hybrid approach to develop fast and not too rigid autonomous AI, and interpretable and traceable system that operates with the actual data from the real world, we aim at building a system that is semantic at the core but stochastic in nature and utilise ML success in search heuristics and attention mechanism.

Our primal mission

Our primal mission is establishing scientific findings and publishing new findings whether it would be successful or a complete fiasco, to pave the road to technological innovations to build better AGI. Our current project is an interactive system dedicated to software engineers. It should be able to analyze existing code, synthesize new code from a description, and transform the code according to new requirements.