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We would be happy to support your research that aligns with our LoR. Please read through this tab and if you have questions, write to us.
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Grant Stages
Get to Know our LoR
  • Overcoming limitations of Knowledge Graphs.
  • Interconnection of descriptive knowledge and procedural knowledge.
  • Transparency of automated reasoning.
Write to Us
  • Your background.
  • Who you want in your team (if there are any).
  • What resources you need (e.g. business trips or renting computational powers).
  • How your topic aligns with our LoR (you can propose your topic as well).
Discuss Details
  • We will contact you within a week to discuss further details in a dialogue.
  • We have no deadlines or competition among participants.
  • Consider that minimal amount of money per grant is $50k.
Sign a Contract
  • We sign the contract according to the law of Japanese.
  • We welcome both researchers who work in academic organizations and individual researchers.
  • Up to 10% of the grant could be used to cover indirect costs to those who work for academic organizations.
Do the Thing
  • We like to be in touch.
  • It is good to be in touch to discuss your progress, results, and pivots.
  • We can help you if you are stuck.
  • We believe helping peers is a good idea in general.
  • We are OK with vacations.
  • If you need one, just tell us in advance, so we adjust our expectations.
Finish it!
  • Result: We would ask you to present results in a report with appendices that could consist of source code, datasets, diagrams etc.
  • Funding Information: If you publish results in an article, you must mention that the results were obtained in a Noeon's funded research.
  • Non-Exclusive License: Noeon acquires a non-exclusive license to exploit, modify and further develop all outputs from the research project.
To apply, please
send us email
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Our Principles
We communicate in English.
Discipline & Accuracy
We believe that these qualities are essential for a good researcher.
Finding answers is what we consider a good outcome. H-index or conferences are nice side effects but not the goal.
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