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Our team works on the automatisation of code synthesis and analysis. We utilize Machine Learning to process a large amount of data and Knowledge Graphs to have a strong inductive bias by efficient prior knowledge encoding.
Do you want to work with us? We are looking for Research Engineers and Research Scientists in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Statistical Physics, as well as Software Engineers with expertise in Distributed Systems, System Design, and Optimal Data Structures.
Open Positions
Senior ML Engineer
ML Engineering/Full-time
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Good Salary
That is, of course, a very basic condition. We want our colleagues to be healthy, happy and recreated.
Hybrid Remote
Our team members work from both the office and homes all around the world. We are OK with that. However, we like to gather sometimes at the office to get on the same page.
Flexible Schedule
Outside scheduled team meetings, teammates are free to work on their tasks independently. When to work is a personal choice. Just do not overwork – that is inefficient.
High autonomy is crucial for us – the small and agile team can achieve a breakthrough if its members are professional and independent. However, we promote helping each other. That is crucial too.
Challenging Work
Automated code synthesis is a holy grail: many want it, but nobody has it. You can read more about it on the Company tab or just write to us. We love cross-pollination.
Low Bureaucracy
What we value most are performance and results, not a strict process following. However, metrics, processes, and documentation are important too. We just keep their priorities low.
Our Office
Did not find the job, but want to participate? Send us your CV!
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